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The Urban Oasis at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

An urban oasis can take many forms.  This garden feature brings to life the many ways spare pockets of land can be put to use in amongst dense housing in our towns and cities.  Community orchards, food growing schemes, reclaimed land after industry has left, ways to encourage children to play amongst trees, flower gardens, an experiment station – all this is possible in the most unlikely of places.

Much of our 20th Century urban architecture designed out good quality planting and gardens in favour of tarmac and concrete near to where we live.  All the benefits of green space became concentrated in the magnificent parks built by the Victorians in our city centres.  But good quality gardens much closer to home are equally popular.

If you live in an urban area with more grey than green around you, then the quality of any nearby public land is extremely important.  Deprived areas have five times fewer public green spaces than affluent ones – but all areas need them.  It has even been proved that good quality green space can reduce anti-social behaviour – and a green view can reduce stress in three to five minutes.

Urban Oasis was inspired by genuine community gardening projects and after the show is over Groundwork will divide the feature amongst neighbourhoods in need of good quality green space in London, Birmingham, Ellesmere Port and Merthyr Tydfil.

Urban Oasis is a challenge to us all to support the green spaces in our midst wherever we live – and this year Groundwork and the RHS are working to get communities gardening and to involve more people in transforming neighbourhoods. Why not find out more about how you can support a project near you that is in need of its own urban oasis or discover how you could take action

Take a tour of the garden with the designer, Chris Beardshaw:

Nick Knowles and Julia Kendal from DIY SOS helped us launch the Groundwork/RHS Urban Oasis at Hampton Court Urban Oasis. This is what they had to say about it:

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Download the plant list: Hampton Court Plant List.doc
Press release

Press release

Press release about the Urban Oasis at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show