Offshoots, Burnley


The Offshoots Permaculture garden, managed by Groundwork Pennine Lancashire, began in 1997 and has transformed a derelict site at Towneley Hall in Burnley into a thriving fruit and vegetable garden and training centre.

The site contains a tree nursery, an acre of organic fruit and vegetables and two flourishing bee hives. It also features a typical back yard that is used to demonstrate how people can grow food and plants at home.

The site has a number of eco-buildings and constructions that help to demonstrate a more sustainable way of living… and a Mongolian yurt, which is used as a mobile demonstration site at festivals.

How your donation will help

Donations will help to broaden the promotion of Offshoots and enable the expansion of education programmes, involve even more community groups and develop new activities such as a shop and cafe. There are plans to hold more events and working days for corporate clients. All these activities would in turn help to secure the site’s future, removing its reliance on grants and turning it into a profitable enterprise that can reinvest in the community.

Why volunteer?

Team building days are key to the future of the site, through volunteering events and corporate days, which generate income. Volunteering activities tend to be project-based but the site is open to develop new opportunities for anyone who has something to offer.

Offshoots  provides opportunities for all people of all ages  and abilities to become involved on a practical site where hands on activity maintains an enthusiastic interest from all involved. It provides a venue to meet and share skills, learn new ones and broaden skills in the environmental field.