Making it Home - Solihull, West Midlands

Making it Home - Solihull

Groundwork is working with Solihull Community Housing and its tenants to develop programmes of work to improve green spaces across the borough.

The work includes play areas, general open space improvement or the creation of quiet garden spaces for residents to use and enjoy.

Solihull Community Housing is the Arm's Length Management Organisation (ALMO) set up in April 2004 to run the housing service on behalf of Solihull Council.

The council still owns the 10,000-plus properties and is the landlord, but housing services are delivered by SCH.

How your donation will help

Any extra money can be used to fund additional items, including new play equipment, the purchase of seeds for use in food growing areas, making plant boxes or holding planting workshops. In other more general open space, improvement funds might be used to pay for an artwork created in workshops with residents, a feature tree or other plants.

Why volunteer?

Volunteers are always welcome. Work can include taking part in planting days, construction work with supervision, holding workshops or hosting events or games days.